Enshrined Deity

Tama-yori-hime no Mikoto
According to Kojiki (records of ancient matters), the sea princess Toyo-tama-hime gave birth to a child, Ugaya-Fuki-Ahezu no Mikoto, at the home beach of her husband, Hiko-hoho-demi no Mikoto. After giving birth, the princess departed to the deep sea leaving her younger sister, Tama-yori-hime no Mikoto, to take care of the child.

Toyo-tama-hime wrote a song about leaving her child behind with Tama-yori-hime:

Akadama wa Yuesae Hikaredo Shiratamano Kimigaoishi takakuarikeri

“Although red jewels are beautiful, my husband, like white jewels, are more beautiful.”
Tama-yori-hime no Mikoto devoted her life to raise and protect the baby and later became the nurse god.

Divine Virtue
Ugaya-fuki-aezu no Mikoto represents the "rising sun" and controls any event related to new beginnings. The events Ugaya-fuki-aezu no Mikoto controls, are guarded by his nanny, Tama-yori-hime no Mikoto. It is said that Tama-yori-hime no Mikoto also controls the phases of the moon, which in turn has a direct effect on a woman's mental and physical behavior. When Hojyo Masako, wife of Minamoto no Yoritomo became pregnant, she prayed to Tama-yori-hime no Mikoto for a safe delivery. Furthermore, many people pray to Tama-yori-hime no Mikoto for new romance, or a successful business relationship.

*1)Tama-yori-hime no Mikoto
According to the Engi-shiki (a collection of regulations concerning government administration), Tama-yori-hime no Mikoto is the only deity enshrined in Tamasaki Shrine. However, Ugaya-fuki-aezu no Mikoto was also listed on the Koshaki (records of the shrine) as a deity of the shrine. Two mikoshi (palanquin to transport a deity during a festival) are always prepared which further reinforces the idea that the shrine may in fact enshrine two deities; Tama-yori-hime no Mikoto and Ugaya-fuki-aezu no Mikoto.
*2)Tama (Stone Jewels)
Stone jewels found on the seashore were believed to contain special powers. There are many legends about stone jewels around the Ichinomiya area. Here are two legends:

・Once upon a time when an old man was drawing water from the sea, the wind blew from the east and twelve shiny stone jewels appeared on the foreshore. After taking the stone jewels home and upon inspecting them, he noticed that they began to glow. He rushed them to Tamasaki Shrine to place them at the main pavilion.

・On the night of August 12, a man named Ichinomiya Goemon received a divine prophecy. The next morning, as the prophecy told him, he went to the beach with his younger brother. Suddenly, the wind blew from the east and they saw a bag that drifted towards them. They picked up the bag and took a look inside to find twelve stone jewels glowing brightly. They decided to construct a shrine which is now said to be Tamasaki Shrine.

*3) Moon Phases
It is well known that moon phases affect the Earth, specifically water in the oceans. Most of the human body is made up of water with cells consisting of 70%, showing that human behavior is also greatly affected by the moon. Research conducted by police departments, medical institutions, and fire departments show that the murder or accident rate rose sharply as the full or the new moon approached. Women are affected by the moon phase around 29.5 days of a full moon cycle, which may explain why the birth rate also rises during this time. A spring tide occurs when the Earth, the Sun, and the Moon are in a line on the first and fifteenth of the full moon. Many people celebrate this day as does Tamasaki Shrine, where a ritual to celebrate the thirteenth of every month is held.